🌺Floral Print🌸

🌺Floral Print🌸

🌺Floral Print🌸

🌼The triumph of flowers, great stars of spring-summer.

If already in 2023 floral prints were groundbreaking, leaving the classics, in 2024, maxi flowers reimagine the trend, turning it into a big trend flooding the streets and the most innovative styles and leaving liberty prints in the background.

☀️Its predominance in having a striking and maximalist character may seem that the trend will be short-lived, but its life will be useful for a long time, carrying new large and striking flowers.

A 'floral boom' to incorporate into your wardrobe will be definitive proof that it is a trend to pay attention to. Always updated with different and innovative proposals with delicate and romantic touches where they present sophisticated and elegant models for great occasions.

That form of XL flower print that stars in beautiful dresses and blouses dominating the street with a disturbing and unbreakable casual chic touch. Absolute protagonists of the big fashion catwalks and dominating the fashion cycle, they steal some prominence from other key players in the spring-summer 2024 season.

The trick is to combine several floral prints in the same look to give a fresh touch, with color and personality.

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