About us


The beginning

GLEZ fashion tells a story that reflects many years of adventures and lessons. The choice to do better, to be human, to act and trust one's own instincts and one's own convictions.

It means writing a new story, which is much more than a fashion story, a life story: mine, yours and that of every woman who helps write it.

GLEZ fashion is the dressing room of dreams created with essential garments that combine elegance and comfort with a
feminine and intimate line that turns clients into exceptional women.

A story that places creativity and service at the center of everything.

GLEZ fashion like a trip, fashion like a trip

Fashion is not just about buying clothes, but about living a life.
experience. Telling stories that turn fashion shopping into an emotional journey. Each garment designed and each campaign must be exciting chapters of that journey.

Remember that fashion doesn't just sell clothes; They sell dreams, stories and the possibility for their clients to become protagonists of their own style narrative.

For this reason, GLEZ fashion redefines your wardrobe with unique pieces that combine classic elegance with modernity and
trend. All with the commitment to empower women and enhance femininity and timeless elegance. Garments with modern touches and delicately created structures.

Inspired by the people who call it home and an ode to freedom.


GLEZ fashion tells a story

“Stay rooted", which consists of showing that true strength comes from personal roots, from those people who have contributed to forging a personality. Awakening a fierce sense of creativity and the desire for independence to great friendships and love stories that They launch fashion.

GLEZ fashion has a manifesto :

1.-Discovery, joy, freedom, research, achievements and enjoyment.
2.-Open a search for alternative paths, vintage, treasures and the creation of different pieces.
3.-Search, touch, inspire, create, photograph, post, write are the beginning of an infinite puzzle, with becoming GLEZ fashion
4.-A story that embraces creativity, sensitivity and freedom guided by instinct and sense.
5.-Adventures and choices. The choice to do better, the choice to be human, to act and to trust one's own instincts and one's own convictions.
6.-Trust in one's own heart and in the possibility of deconstructing certain preconceived ideas.
7.-GELZ fashion means writing a new story that is much more than a fashion story or a story of tastes. It means mine, yours and every woman who helps write it.
8.-A dream of so long and the heart of the puzzle.
9.-The women who accompany and make everyday life magical.
10.-Keeping the promise and constantly improving everything we can so that you are always by our side.

GLEZ fashion Essential


  • Fashion, quality and commitment. Trend and authenticity.
  • A fashion that breathes love, a lot of love towards the feminine essence.
  • It reflects authenticity and unique and feminine personality.
  • A story locked in each creation.
  • A free style with temporary and versatile looks.
  • We pamper the self-love and authenticity of each woman.
  • Joy, fun and games where there is always a constant search for what is new, special and stylish.
  • At GLEZ fashion we are a family and then a company.
  • We dedicate time and effort to selecting and searching for fabrics, prints and details that respect feminine style and authenticity, creating garments with respect and freedom.