💐Colour Trend/Colores 2024🎨

💐Color Trend/Colors 2024🎨

💐Colour Trend/Colores 2024🎨

At GLEZ fashion we fill the #fashion universe with style. This 2024 is leaving us a year of sun, light and harmony in the aura. A color palette that reflects feelings of freedom, explores our potential and envisions a future of personal self-expression, feelings of joy and comfort.

A feeling of liberation that opens the mind to the imagination and broadens the artistic spirit. That is why neutral tones remain undefeated although pastel tones will be the most desirable in #streetstyle, presenting a harmonious mix that familiarizes us and instills a deep and meaningful touch.

Did you know that colors are associated with emotions? Well this summer we want you to vibrate high, shine like never before and balance your entire body and mind.

Here we leave you the colors that will be trending this 2024 and that are already going strong.

  • Mint green or Water Cress, refreshing and lively

  • Baby blue, luminous impregnated with easy vitality

  • Beige, with a vanilla touch, full of warmth and elegance

  • Pastel colors, warm pink that blooms in the sun3

  • Peach and Orange, sweet and slightly with a fruity citrus touch

  • Roibos Tea infused with intense and woody notes

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