🧡 Apricot Crush 2024 🧡

🧡 Apricot Crush 2024 🧡

🧡 Apricot Crush 2024 🧡

In large doses and with a lot of prominence. The new trend color for summer 2024 is arriving.

Energetic, vibrant and with the power to lift any look and succeed with an elegant, casual or informal look. Balances the body and mind with the mix of bright and pastel tones.

A total vitamin and striking look that rears its head among your outfits. A power that maximizes your authenticity and confirms your position. With nuances that activate and inspire you to embody a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Positive and happy emotions that help you take risks and join in without great excesses. With a holistic lifestyle, the “apricot crush” color of the year attracts large consumers who are interested in knowing what the future holds.

A refreshing color tone that rejuvenates and vibrates high to fill you with energy seeking a feeling of fascination. That way of acting in an optimistic and positive way, becoming a point of connection in our being and evoking sensations of emotional nutrition.

Those brushstrokes of emotions and trends in constant change where “Apricot. Crush” has stolen the stage to become the protagonist of 2024 to open us to a warm climate remembering sunny days.

Connect with the subtle charm that explores the enigmatic calm, highlighting the flexibility of the color of the year.

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